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Membership in Troop 364 is open to all boys between age 11 (or completing 5th grade in the current calendar year) and age 18. A parent or guardian needs to accompany his or her son to a troop meeting when he wishes to join Troop 364 and after joining Troop 364, actively participate on the Parent Volunteer Committee.

Our Troop meets on Tuesday nights at Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. We go camping or take a trip one weekend each month. The types of activities we participate in include:

  • Aquatics: swimming, canoeing, sailing, boating, SCUBA
  • Camping, rock climbing, and hiking
  • Historical site visits
  • Service Projects

Click here to download a brief presentation about our Troop and about Boy Scouting in general.

If you are interested in joining Troop 364, or just want to talk about scouting, please contact one of our adult leaders:

  • Paul Young, Scoutmaster : 919-518-0736
  • James McCallum, Committee Chair : 919-604-0015

We have a wealth of information available on this website about our troop and about scouting in general. We invite you to use it as a portal into scouting. Just click on any of the following shortcuts to get more information about Troop 364:



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Charter History
Year Minister Scoutmaster Scouts Notes

Founder and First Pastor: Sidney Trawick

Circuit Riders: Joseph John Renn                   1869 – 1871

Rolesville Circuit: Alexander Davis Betts            1871 - 1873 John Ervin Thompson             1873 - 1874 Thomas Branch Reeks            1874 - 1875 Lucien Jerome Holding           1875 - 1878 Lemon Shell                            1878 - 1881 Leonidas Lidwell. Nash          1881 - 1883 John Duncan  Buie                  1883 - 1885 Philip Greening                      1885 - 1888 Barzillai. C. Alred                   1888 - 1892 Kenneth Dawson Holmes       1892 - 1895

Milbrook Circuit: James Monroe Ashby              1895 - 1898 Miles Mebane McFarland       1898 - 1899 Nathaniel L. Seabolt               1899 - 1903 George Robert Rood              1903 - 1905 George Thomas Simmons       1905 - 1909 Jesse M. Marlowe                   1909 - 1910 Philip. Greening                      1910 - 1913 Jesse W. Martin                       1913 - 1914 Albee Swindell Parker            1914 - 1914 Louis Edward Sawyer              1914 - 1917 John Cephas Williams            1917 - 1921 H. H. Mitchell                         1921 - 1922 M. G. Ervin                             1922 - 1923 W. R. Harris                            1923 - 1924 Shirley Judge Starnes              1924 - 1927 William. Franklin Elliott         1927 - 1930 Thomas Bryan Hough             1931 - 1933 Lauder Beaman Pattishall       1933 - 1935 Harley Archibald Chester       1936 - 1937

Jenkins Memorial Charge: James Adolphus Dailey          1938 - 1940 William Burbank Penny          1940 - 1943 Obed. I. Hinson                      1943 -1944 Orren Wesley Dowd               1944 -1945

Westover Charge: Herman Stanbury Wenberry   1945- 1947 Walter Neal McDonald           1947 - 1947 Hollis Wilburn Huston            1948 - 1949 George Caskey  McGill          1949 -1952 John Hammond Crum             1953 -1955 William Earl Worley              1956-1957 Raymond Clifton Summey     1957 -1959

May 1960   Bobby L. Barker 9 Troop registered in the Sequoyah district. Met on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in the scout hut on the church property.
1961   Melvin Humphrey 7 Met on a Friday night at 7:30 PM
1963 Jack I. Hunter Charles Castleberry 15 Met on a Friday night at 7:00 PM.The troop met in a 'lodge' building on private property off Pleasant Pines Road. The troop would sometimes camp off Ray Road (dirt road) where Autumn Chase subdivision now is, between Leesville and Lynn Roads. The troop went to Camp Durant for summer camp, now Durant Nature Park. Some of the Scouts in the troop were Sandy Castleberry (became an Eagle), Jack Koontz (became an Eagle, brother Tommy Koontz joined later), Wayne Napier, Jimmy Parker (brother Johnny joined later), Al Winters (brother Joel joined later), Danny Wilkens, Phil Johnson, Alan Cothrene, Rich Bamett (brother also in troop at some point). Bill Nipper. Bill Amos transferred in as a First Class. Brothers David and Hal were also in the troop at some point. Freddy Robinson transferred in (from Troop 10?) and became in Eagle Scout, possibly the first in the troop. Mrs. Evelyn Castleberry, the wife of the SM would sing at the Courts of Honor. Assistant Scoutmasters: Max Bloodworth, Wilton Kelly
1964 Ben H. Wilson III Wilton Kelly 27  
1965 Ben H. Wilson III Charles Castleberry 32 Met on a Monday night at 7:00 PM
1966 W. Carlton Wilson Angus W. Kelly 23  
1967 W. Carlton Wilson Angus W. Kelly 24  
1968 C. Reginald Johnson Angus W. Kelly 20 Met in the church on a Monday night at 7:00 PM
1969 C. Reginald Johnson Angus W. Kelly 31  
1970 C. Reginald Johnson Titus Jackson 21  
1971 Eugene Kennedy Angus W. Kelly 22  
1972 Eugene Kennedy Angus W. Kelly 24  
1973   Angus W. Kelly 17 Troop registered in the Baden Powell district.
1974   Angus W. Kelly 23  
1975   Angus W. Kelly 27  
1976   Angus W. Kelly 22  
1977   Angus W. Kelly 15  
Aug 1978       Troop charter dropped.
May 1979 Brad Bradshaw Joe Tobert 9 Troop 364 resumed its activities.
1980 Brad Bradshaw F. Earl Peters 18  
1981 Brad Bradshaw F. Earl Peters 16  
1982 Brad Bradshaw Randy B. Callahan 17 Troop registered in the Impeesa district. Met on Tuesday nights.
1983 Brad Bradshaw Randy B. Callahan 15  
1984 J.C. Loy Mike Anderson 15 Met on Monday nights.
1985 J.C. Loy Douglas W. Corkhill 15  
1986 J.C. Loy Douglas W. Corkhill 15  
1987 Curtis Campbell Douglas W. Corkhill 14  
1988 Curtis Campbell Douglas W. Corkhill 15  
1989 Curtis Campbell Douglas W. Corkhill 14  
1990 Curtis Campbell Douglas W. Corkhill 12 Quality Unit
1991 Curtis Campbell Douglas W. Corkhill 10 Quality Unit
1992 Curtis Campbell James L. Pifer 6  
1993   Michael T. Sheckler 8  
1994   Michael T. Sheckler 7 Two scouts from the troop (Jeff McLamb and Jon McLamb went to Philmont with the Council contingent
1995   Matthew Terribile 6

6 Scouts were registered at rechartering in May 1995. The troop nearly did not recharter owing to lack of registration. Mike Pifer was SPL, then Jeremy Brock. Summer camp at Raven Knob with 3 Scouts and the SM. Troop met Tuesday nights in the Pleasant Grove Education Building fellowship Hall.

1996   Matthew Terribile 17 Quality Unit. 17 couts attended
1997 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile 27

Quality Unit. The troop grew to about 33 in summer 2004. Troop 360 was formed from members of troop 364 in September 1997, dropping membership to 11. Summer camp at Camp Barnhardt with about 20 scouts. Assistant Scoutmasters and leaders: Mr Miller, Mrs Potter, Mr. Funke, Michael Bradley, and Mr. Pabst.

1998 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile 26

Quality Unit Summer Camp at Camp Old Indian with 11 Scouts. ASM's and Leaders: Mr Pabst, Mrs Levo, Michael Bradley, and Mr. Funke.


1999 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile 24

Quality Unit Summer camp at Camp Ottari. The troop also camped a week at Camp Haliburton in Ontario, Canada. ASM's and leaders: Mr. Pabst, Mrs. Levo, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Yurcak, & Mr. Denning.

2000 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile 33

Quality Unit Summer Camp at Camp Barstow. The older scouts did a week long canoe trip in the Adirondack Moutains. SPL: Ryan Bridges

2001 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile 50+

Summer Camp at Camp Daniel Boone. Older Scouts whent to Philmont with the Council Contingent. Troop meetings moved to the "white building" behind PGMC to gain more room for patrol meetings. SPL: Erik Denning

2002 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile  

SPL's: Josh Logan and John Robert Eves

2003 Jay Minnick Matthew Terribile    
2004 Jay Minnick Jim Sedore 43

Summer Camp at Camp Old Indian with 33 scouts and leaders.

2005 Jay Minnick Jim Sedore  

Now in Falls District


2006 Jay Minnick Jim Sedore    
2007 Jay Minnick Chris Burke    
2008 Jay Minnick Chris Burke    
2009 Jay Minnick Chris Burke    
2010 Jay Minnick Chris Burke   Troop 364's First Facebook Page


Jay Minnick Chris Burke